The Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ) is a scale for measuring the sense of presence experienced in a virtual environment (VE). It has been constructed using a large pool of items and two survey waves with approximately 500 participants. It was originally constructed in German, but is now also available in English and Dutch.
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computer science | psychology | art | engineering | design | media sciences | architecture


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international graduate college


In this webdesign project, the goal was to define the layout using only cascading style sheets (CSS), instead of the common excessive use of HTML tables. The project evaluated the usability of stylesheets for this task, and the subsequently implemented the actual screen design using stylesheets in a commercial project. We found that the amount of data to be transmitted for a document decreased considerably. There were however problems concerning the compatibility with older browsers. It seems that CSS has its special advantages when content must be published quickly in Intranets. Furthermore, CSS allow an easy access for users not experienced in details of HTML: they are easy to change, and allow a maximum of consistency across pages. The layout of a page seemed to profit from a restriction to the most simple elements.

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