2000/01 (ongoing)


The Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ) is a scale for measuring the sense of presence experienced in a virtual environment (VE). It has been constructed using a large pool of items and two survey waves with approximately 500 participants. It was originally constructed in German, but is now also available in English and Dutch.
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Common subjects

computer science | psychology | art | engineering | design | media sciences | architecture


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Jolanda is a modified VRML-browser for the use in immersive environments. Making use of an existing VRML97-browser (GLView by Holger Grahn, basis of the blaxxun-browser) with its full set of features, Jolanda adds the support of a tracking-device and direct input via 3d input devices (e.g. stylus). As many interactions can be programmed via JavaScript by inexperienced users, it is aimed at the use in educational environments. With this Jolanda is standing in the tradition of VRAM (see this site). By adding new sets of features each semester in a consistent context, step by step the application could become a usable tool for architects, designers and others. As "proof-of-concept" a small architectural modelling-module was quickly scripted that enables the creation of walls and windows with a simple "point-and-shoot"-metaphor (image below).
Other ways to make it a good tool for architects and designers (e.g. realtime-shadows for sun-studies) still require "hardwired"-coding in the source (which - needless to mention - is available).