The Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ) is a scale for measuring the sense of presence experienced in a virtual environment (VE). It has been constructed using a large pool of items and two survey waves with approximately 500 participants. It was originally constructed in German, but is now also available in English and Dutch.
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Common subjects

computer science | psychology | art | engineering | design | media sciences | architecture


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CommPlace – Working Together


The goal of this project was to design a workplace that integrated a computer and allowed working in distributed teams. The designed solution integrated a desktop with a special interface for using the communication functionality.


The desktop consists of a circular worktop at the height of a high desk. A flat screen, combined with touchscreen functionality, is integrated into this worktop. The flat screen is used as a monitor and interaction device. Below the worktop, the main body houses the computer components. An integrated video camera allows the scanning of analog material and video conferencing.


The interface is based on an "empty screen" metaphor: All interface components belong to a strictly constrained area of the screen, in which they can be interacted with. The largest part of the screen remains empty for objects to be used during the work. Thus, it is avoided that important content is overlaid by menues. Both hardware and software were developed in the form of digital models. The workplace was constructed as a 3D model, and depicted in animations. The interface was demonstrated in a demo video. In addition, a physical 1:1 model of the workplace was built, and the interface was demonstrated using overheads in order combine it with the physical model.