The Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ) is a scale for measuring the sense of presence experienced in a virtual environment (VE). It has been constructed using a large pool of items and two survey waves with approximately 500 participants. It was originally constructed in German, but is now also available in English and Dutch.
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Common subjects

computer science | psychology | art | engineering | design | media sciences | architecture


weimar | jena | ulm | leipzig | bonn | hong kong | eindhoven | freiburg | london | dunedin | hull | oslo



igroup.org - project consortium

SiSSy – Simply Slope Syntax

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Creates SPSS Syntax for interaction analyses and simple slope computation

cAR/PE! – 3D Teleconferencing

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3D Teleconferencing system with Office and 3D data integration; simulation of a face-to-face meeting on standard PC's


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Continued research activities on the sense of presence presented at the Presence 2002 workshop in Porto / Portugal

The MagicDesk

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Augmented Reality system for a CAD engineer's desk. Implements an almost seamless transition from 2D to 3D interfaces.

The MagicPen

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Design and implementation project on a new 5 degrees of freedom input device for Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The „Igroup Presence Questionnaire“ (IPQ)

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IPQ is a psychological scale that measures the subjective sense of presence in a virtual environment. The project describes development and testing of the scale. You can download the scale and sample data to use it in your own research.

Clara – A 3D-webbrowser

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an extendable VRML-based browser that integrates fully funtional websites into treedimensional worlds.


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a minimal-art VRML-viewer with movies composed of ascii-graphics

Jolanda – Immersive VRML

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a fully featured VRML97 browser for the use in immersive virtual reality setups

Kubus – A Seminary Table

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a handcrafted furniture, adjustable in four heights, providing elegant style for seminary rooms. Ideal as a stand for laptops or as lectern.

International Graduate College

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a webdesign project with a stylesheet based layout.

MAMBO – Multimedia in distant education

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a research project in order to support traditional paper-based and multimedia-enhanced courses in a single publishing system.


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an artistic approach to autonmous erection of housing structures by nano-bots ("techno-parasites")

VRAM – Virtual Reality Aided Modeler

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is a fully immersive, three-dimensional exploration and modeling tool. It is designed to intuitively view and manipulate Virtual Reality (VR) worlds.

AMT – Presence and Interaction in Virtual Environments

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Three studies showing relations between interaction and the sense of presence in virtual environments. Results regarding the possibility of self-movement, character-like animations, and imaginary interaction are of special interest for the design of VE's in general.

Head Mounted Display Design

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a head mounted display is an orthotic that allows the user to get into the visual part of a virtual environment

CommPlace – Working Together

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The goal of this project was to design a workplace that integrated a computer and allowed working in distributed teams. The designed solution integrated a desktop with a special interface for using the communication functionality.

planeDesign – Defining Space

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planeDesign is a virtual reality software supporting the early phases of the design process.

Acrophobia – Measuring Fear of Heights

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The Acrophobia experiment investigated real emotions in virtual environments. In particular, we tested how the anxiety felt in front of a virtual cliff is influenced by the sense of presence experienced by the user of the virtual environment.

Platform – A Virtual Reality Furniture

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Platform is a furniture construction especially designed for the use in immersive Virtual Reality (VR) environments.

voxDesign – Sketching in 3D

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voxDesign is an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) tool supporting the early phases of design processes